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1200 meters of wires, wires, wires ……


Concept is finished. MindCatcher team started with getting peaces together. From now on we will publish only photos from the development site at Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade.

The floor surface prototype were build based on a few criteria:

1. First circle made of discs, right after center should consists of  all three type of discs (red, green, yellow) which could lead to fastest understanding of the given components for creation and more intense interaction with the environment.
2. The number of disc could play important role in creation of sophisticate A/V sentences as well as radius of interactive floor “garden”.
3. Aesthetic to achieve.
4. To minorize any association with the potential shapes made of discs on the floor and to give more attention on interaction design, visitor behavior and their attention on what they are getting as result of their interaction.

Solution number 3 and 4 ( from left to right) in the gallery and the 36 discs scheme gave sufficient  results.

Based on Circle Solution, the disc on the floor surface should form round shape.

Solutions vary from snowflake, tree branches, rays to simple multiple circles.

Snowflake and tree branches are fractals in nature which could be projected on inputs visualization pattern.

Number of disc are reduced to 33 or 36, depending of the surface pattern chosen.

Disc in the center = neutral light, blinking as invitation to step on and start.

On start (step on central disc) central light intensity change from deemed to bright. All other discs lighten in a
shape of short light wave.

Starting position for mind catching Two options were discussed – Start from the surface center or start from the ends.

In case of center as a start interactive discs would be oriented in circles.

Circles are also referring to constructive elements of installation so complete visual and symbolic correlation between real and virtual space is established.

If you start from the center you are kept in the interactive surface. A square gives you more freedom to walk around and approach from different sides.